Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

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  • High-quality roasted coffee beans: whole bean or freshly ground
  • Custom roast this coffee to fit your own unique tastes: Light, Medium, Med/Dark, Dark
  • One 12oz Bag.
  • Single Origin: Maringa, Parana Region, Brazil, South America
  • Attributes: Mild sweetness, slightly nutty, smooth, slight blueberry notes, slight chocolate notes
  • Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic
  • Ethiopian Harrar beans come from the Oromia region, which was formerly known as “Harrar.” It is one of the three main regions where coffee is grown in Ethiopia, and it is the only place where the coffee plant originated. It has a heavy body and flavor that is marked with berry tastes, including blackberry and blueberry. The unique berry flavor comes from the natural drying process that has been performed in this region for hundreds of years, where the beans are dried on banana leaves with the fruit still on the bean. The smell is a combination of earthiness, fruit and chocolate and it is often compared to a dry wine.
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