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  • Washed, Mountain Water Process Decaffeination (no chemicals) roasted coffee beans: whole bean or freshly ground
  • Custom roast this coffee to fit your own unique tastes: Light, Medium, Med/Dark, Dark
  • One 12oz Bag.
  • Single Origin: Mexico, Tapachula, Chiapas Region
  • Attributes: Chocolate, Nutty, Toffee, Medium Body
  • Chocolate, Nutty, Toffee, Medium Body
  • It is processed at the Descamex plant and uses only clear pure water from the highest mountain in Mexico. The green coffee beans are immersed in water to extract the caffeine. The water contains the soluble components which hold the elements of the coffees flavor profile so that during the extraction of the caffeine the beans maintain their original taste components. The result is great tasting 99.9 caffeine free coffee.
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